Cyber Security News

With data breaches at an all time high, cyber security is of high importance. Billions has been poured into innovation in technology to compete with hackers and keep companies, Governments, and personal details safe. The ever-evolving issue of security risks make it difficult to keep up.

Take Uber for example. Head executives recently decided to pay a $100,000 ransom to hackers to destroy their customer’s data. Data privacy regulators will be investigating, and a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Uber. The company is now facing a hefty punishment and questions are being asked over the effectiveness of the cyber security laws in place.

cyber security

In continuation of our previous blog article on identity theft, we have created another top list of tips to protect yourself and your business.


Top Tips

  • Realize that everyone is a target to hackers. Don’t ever say “It won’t happen to me.”
  • Good password management and locks on everything. Never allow your device to the save password for next time.
  • Even with the best cyber security software, it is still important to only browse sensitive data and complete online orders or banking, on a computer and network that you can trust. You should not be doing online shopping or banking on an unrecognised device or on free Wi-Fi.
  • Disable Bluetooth connectivity when it’s not needed.
  • Always be wary of attachments and links in emails that you do not recognise or were not expecting. If suspicious for any reason, do not click on it because it could be a virus or a phishing scam. Make sure to double check the URL of the website and scan for spelling mistakes.
  • What you might not know is that malware can also be spread through infected flash drives, external hard drives, and even smartphones.
  • Only connect with people on social networks that you know and trust. People you befriend can gain access to an incredible amount of information about you. For example, where you work, when you’re on holiday, and who else you know.
  • Stay informed with cyber security news and regularly teach employees how to keep data safe.