Old Computer Disposal When It’s Life Has Ended

There are many options you can take when disposing of your old computer. Similar to laptop disposal really. However, a computer is much larger unit. It also depends on if you are getting disposing of the monitor or the screen or both. Mice and keyboards also have their own disposal needs. The ever expanding use and development of technology has meant that for the most part your best option is to recycle. Due to the WEEE directive for most people it is the only options they see. There are of course more.

Sell It

There are many ways in which you can sell your old computer. You can use websites to sell your computer through, such as eBay or gumtree. You can of course sell through other outlets, you can advertise in the local newspaper or shops. However, selling a computer online is probably the easiest option.

Old Computer Disposal Options for You


This is an options for those of you have computers that may not be worth a lot of money and you just want it out of the way. Freecycling is a great way of helping someone who needs some help, and it helps you in return. You can sign up to online freecycle forums or join a local freecycle group.


I mentioned before how for many people this is the only option. That is in no way a negative. Recycling your old computer can have so many benefits. There may be parts of the computer you have that will help fix another one. It might be a good opportunity for people to compare the different technologies and how we have developed our pc software. This depends on how old your computer is. Computers also hold corrosive, dangerous chemicals. To simply through a computer in the bin, is not only illegal, it is extremely dangerous. The best and safest option is to have the computer recycled. You can go to your local computer recycling centre and they will recycle your computer for free.