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In the IT and electronics industry, technology moves at a blistering pace. All too soon, businesses find themselves trying to operate with hardware which is slow, expensive to maintain or has become obsolete from its support systems. When this happens, an IT upgrade is necessary, but how do you ethically dispose of all your old equipment?

Virogreen offer complete WEEE recycling services for all your e waste recycling in the UK. We use the latest environmentally responsible techniques for recycling and disposing of your electronic waste, helping your business operate a more sustainable practice.

Our services

We offer complete electronics and computer WEEE recycling services which include reclamation of all salvageable parts. When you recycle your electronic waste with us, we will refurbish, resell and reuse as much of your waste as possible. This reduces demand on landfill and helps to conserve our precious resources. Talk to us about:

  • End of term IT disposal: We can provide a complete computer recycling service when it’s time for your IT upgrades, helping you ensure a risk free switchover from old to new hardware.
  • Data destruction and security:Disposing of hard drives, PCs and laptops can be a risky business. We will ensure full, secure data erasure to protect your business information.
  • E-waste recycling UK wide: When it comes to sustainable recycling of other electrical items, we can help. From monitors to mobile phones, we’ll recycle and reclaim as much as possible.

Our service is nationwide, and extremely good value for money. Talk to us today about environmentally conscious disposal of your unwanted electronic hardware and we’ll be pleased to help.

Why choose Virogreen for your WEEE recycling services?

Our business is designed to help you recycle your electronic waste in the most environmentally conscious and cost effective manner possible. We offer a variety of effective solutions to computer recycling, and provide comprehensive electronic waste recovery services for the benefit of your business.

When you choose to work with us, we promise to:

  • Provide a bespoke solution that meets your own lifecycle needs.
  • Support and advise you on relevant legislation and requirements specific to your situation.
  • Always use the most ethical, environmentally conscious disposal methods.
  • Provide up to date, complete tracking records for your assets.
  • Employ a highly secure, transparent system for the process of recovering, recycling and reusing your obsolete IT assets.

Our business is founded on outstanding customer experiences. So when you choose to work with Virogreen, you’re choose the best experience in the business.

Contact us today

Virogreen are ready to help with all your e waste recycling UK wide. Whether you’re in Inverness or Ipswich, our WEEE recycling services are ready to assist with all your recycling needs. Contact us today for more information, via the form below or by sending us a direct email. You can call us too for a chat about your requirements. We’ll be happy to provide a no obligation quotation completely tailored to your needs.

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