Data Destruction and Security Services

Data protection laws in the UK are made up a fairly daunting set of regulations and guidelines. From the overarching Data Protection Act (1998) and the EU Data Protection Directive. All the way through to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Environment Act and the Waste, Electronic & Electrical Equipment Directive (WEEE). Virogreen finds a way to stay compliant with all these different elements is enough to make your head spin.

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about figuring this out for yourself. Here at Virogreen, we take care of your secure data erasure to ensure your information is protected. We offer a high tech, in house, secure data erasure service to protect all your sensitive data, giving a simple route to complete compliance and best practice for data handling.

How we can help:

Virogreen have the knowledge, experience and technology in house to undertake safe data destruction. We can effectively destroy all your sensitive data when the time comes to change or renew your storage devices. Our team work on all forms of data storage, including:

    • SSD hard drives.
    • PC or laptop based drives.
    • Large sized hard drives.
    • Flash drives and external (portable) storage devices.
    • Data tapes.
    • And much more.

Our services are designed to meet and exceed both UK government and current EU legislation. We are able to provide a range of tailored services built around your needs and business. Talk to us about our services for:

  • Data destruction of the highest calibre, compliant with US Department of Defence 5220.22M standards relating to the sanitation of digital data.
  • Degaussing services, either at your premises or offsite, dealing with the destruction of media used for storage, such as tape drives and solid state drives.
  • Destruction of storage media, either at your premises or at our own facilities.
  • Large scale destruction, using customised machinery to deal with large quantities of hard drives.
  • Tracking and monitoring of your destruction job, available remotely via the internet, with no need for you to come to our premises.
  • Destruction certificates, required for compliance, will be issued at every destruction job.


Don’t put your company and customers at risk when it comes to sensitive data destruction. Choose Virogreen for a complete, effective and best practice outcome every time.

Certified and guaranteed complete data destruction

We understand that you want to stay within published UK guidelines. As such, we have developed our services to offer the best route to compliance possible. We have invested heavily in the very best machinery. This is to ensure strict compliance with all current guidelines and legislation, such as:

      • Data Protection Act 1998. (DPA)
      • EU Privacy Directive. (Due 2016)
      • Financial Conduct Authority.
      • Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
      • PCI-DSS Data Security Standard.
      • The Environment Act.
      • Waste, Electronic & Electrical Equipment Directive. (WEEE)
      • Basel Convention.

Data protection can be an intimidating minefield at the best of times. As our reliance on the online environment increases, more legislation is introduced aiming to protecting our identity and information. Trust Virogreen to stay on top of forthcoming legislation so you don’t have to. We always provide a service which meets and exceeds the expectations of the government and your customers.


Why choose us?

Many other companies claim to provide data destruction services in the UK. However, a number of these lack the skills and technology to process these services in house. Instead, the job is sub contracted to a third party, leaving your sensitive information at risk as your device is transferred from one place to another.
Here at Virogreen, we undertake all data destruction ourselves. We invest in the latest tools and technology to ensure your data is fully deleted. Our machinery ensures compliance with all relevant legislation, and ensures secure data erasure every time. Our priority is to keep our client’s data safe. We guarantee complete data destruction by:

    • Building in safeguards: Our machines use in built safety mechanisms to check on the field strength and stored power at every stage of the erasure cycle.
    • Verifying erasure: We regularly work with hard drive manufacturers, information recovery companies and forensic laboratories to verify that our data destruction is effective and complete. All tests to date have independently confirmed that no data is recoverable from any device we have worked on.
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ViroGreen Data Destruction and Security Services

We offer data destruction services tailored to your businesses needs.

How to contact Virogreen

There are three ways to contact us. You can fill out the form on this page, send an email to or call on +0161 974 3316. We’re happy to provide no obligation quotes for our services. Or if you’re ready to get on with your IT recycling right away we can help too. We’ll immediately arrange a convenient time to come and collect your items.

When we collect your items

We’ll send one of our presentable, polite and helpful drivers to your premises to collect your unwanted IT assets. This is all done at a time that’s convenient to you. Your unwanted IT assets are brought back to our recycling facility for us to deal with professionally. At the point of collection, our driver will give you a ‘Waste Transfer Note’, required for legal compliance, and an official certificate of data destruction.

Our recycling and recovery process

Once received, your electronic items are wiped of all the data stored upon them. This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act’s standards. Working electronic items may be refurbished for reuse once more. All those which are beyond repair will the effectively dismantled and destroyed.

Virogreen want to be your first choice in IT recycling, and to provide you with a flawless service. We aim to deliver all our computer disposal services in a timely and cost effective manner, so that you can always rely on us to take care of your recycling needs. Talk to us today about your IT asset management needs and let us become your new business partner.

Contact us now and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible.

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