WEEE Research Project Has Received Funding to Go Ahead

There are two projects that have been granted funding via the WEEE Producers compliance fee fund. The two projects will assess the capture and the processing of WEEE products. The projects will work to find out which WEEE products have not been captured through the producer compliance system and have therefore not been counted towards the overall WEEE recycling targets. The project as well will look at the removal of items from local authority collection points.

The project established by Sustainability Consultancy Anthesis will be investigating the estimated 139,000 tonnes of electrical products that have not been reported. A lot of products go unreported and this can have a great effect. It can affect not just facts and figures but it also effects the environment. If a product goes unreported then it is likely that that product will not get recycled and could have damaging effects on the environment. This also works the other way, if a product has been recycled but it hasn’t been reported, people could be looking for that product still and it will affect the numbers.

WEEE Research Projects Are Important for our Future

It is so important to have an accurate representation of where our WEEE recycled produce is at in order for us to make accurate predictions for the future. The future of WEEE recycling is still in the balance. With Brexit we do not know what may come of WEEE directive laws. Everything could change. What we do know for now is that it is important to have all the facts before we start making moves forward into a unknown future. Our environment is being affected by people who do not recycle and electrical waste is one of the most damaging of household waste. Please ensure that all electrical goods are recycled. You can call us today for more information.